The Longest Lasting Systems in The Industry

UNITONE’S video-intercom and alarm systems are designed exclusively for residential high-rises–not adapted from a product made for single homes. This is critical when considering durability and upgrades. The company doesn’t import its products – it designs them to fit its customers’ needs and lifestyle. UNITONE does not believe a security system should be changed every few years or less – like a Smartphone. Unlike a personal communication device serving one person, a security system is a building-wide product serving hundreds of people.

Few people want to be disrupted every few years to re-install another system. And few people want to pay the price to do so. With UNITONE’s unique modular construction, they don’t have to. Upgrades are EASY and repairs simple and cost-effective. Some of UNITONE’S systems have been in place for nearly thirty years—an industry recordCLICK HERE TO SEE BUILDINGS WITH DECADES-LONG INSTALLATIONS


            • Patented Systems Integration (US Patent # 7123142) with remote management allows management companies and designated others to easily update residents’ information, reprogram access cards and send residents on-screen texts if there’s an emergency
            • Low-cost Maintenance and proven durability provide worry-free operation
            • State-of-the-art Software means more functions and options than any other system available
            • Hassle-free Installation ensures that upgrades are performed without any long-term disruption to the system’s functions
            • “One-and-Done” Technology means units don’t have to be changed out when upgrading
            • Expert UNITONE Technicians handle all service and installation calls, as well as inquiries about system integration
            • Ready Supply of Parts ensures most products can be fixed, instead of discarded

UNITONE, an American Company, has been designing smart, easy-to-use Security and Communication systems for more than thirty years.

High-Tech Security For High-Rise Living