In the early 1980’s, Lucien Bohbot, an electrical engineer and founder of UNITONE, brought the first video intercom to the United States. It was made in Italy and commissioned by the Italian government in the 1970’s, following a rash of deadly kidnappings. For the first time ever, people could see their visitors before letting them into their buildings.

Mr. Bohbot contacted Italtel, the maker of the product (and, at the time, Italy’s dominant phone company), and negotiated an exclusive contract to bring its video intercom to the United States. From that simple intercom, the UNITONE team, along with electronic and software engineers from Silicon Valley, created the world’s first computerized video intercom.

That patented product [US Patent #7123142] was the very first to integrate features like on-screen messaging, quick call back and emergency and personal alarms into one system.

HIGH TECH SOLUTIONS ARE REQUIRED FOR TODAY’S HIGH-RISE LIFESTYLE, but NOT ALL HIGH-TECH IS RIGHT FOR HOME SECURITY. Your cell phone, for example, isn’t always dependable or secure, so you can’t rely exclusively on cell phone technology to protect you.

Although UNITONE was the first to provide call forwarding to cell phones as part of its security systems, it BELIEVES that a stand-alone, building-wide system that is computer-based — NOT INTERNET-BASED — is the most secure and reliable system available. In fact, some of UNITONE’S original systems that were installed in the 1980’s are still in use today. (CLICK HERE to see Installations)

UNITONE — the standard by which all other high-rise security systems are measured. But none can compare.

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